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Blogo is a Lotus Domino-based blog application. It is unique in its kind, designed around you. It does not bloat you with unneeded features, yet it has proven to be extremely functional and flexible. This product completely fits in the s3maphor3 philosophy of software development, where products are designed around the following concepts:

  • Simplicity
  • Design
  • Performance
  • Flexibility
  • Maintainability
  • Forward-thinking

New users

The easiest way to learn about Blogo is to take the screenshot tour. Like it? If so, proceed to the downloads section. Be sure to read the manual that comes with the download, it will help you to setup your own blog in minutes.

Existing users

To stay up-to-date as a Blogo user, consider the change history, news section and news feed to monitor Blogo news and releases.


2009-06-23El Blogo Fantastico!
2008-05-15Blogo 1.75 released
2008-01-01Blogo 1.70 released
2007-11-29OMG I'm hacked!!!111
2007-07-25New Blogo screenshots
2007-05-30Blogo 1.60 released
2007-05-14Article feed added to Blogo
2007-01-15Blogo 1.51 released
2006-12-20Blogo 1.50 released
2006-12-14Integrating TinyMCE into Blogo


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